Range with custom intervals – PropertyDrawer


Inspector classes are powerful tools but sometimes we need specific functions and more flexibility in order to show our fields in the inspector window. There is when the “Property” and “Decorator Drawers” came in.

Today we are going to show an improved version of the native Unity Range attribute that will allow us to set an interval between the consecutive numbers (for example, if we want a range between 0 and 12 with intervals of 3 in 3). Also, the attribute has the possibility to pass other variables as parameters.

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Continuous integration with Unity. Client side tests – Part 1


Tests are an important part of the development, and sometimes, a forgotten part. Is tedious write, maintain and remember to launch the tests, and when we realise their utility or want to use them, maybe is too late.

The continuous integration proposes and allows automate some processes in order to find the failures as soon as possible.

In this post, we’ll see how to launch unit tests (called in Unity “Edit Mode Tests”) everytime we make a SourceTree commit. If we the tests are passed, the commit will continue, if not, the commit will aborts.

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